On-Line Learning Resources

A collection of freely available, online and interactive resources to help you learn about wound care. These do not run off this CD and you will need a live connection to the internet to access them.

Promoting Healthy Skin

This was a training CD for 'Champions for Skin Integrity' made by QUT and the Institute for Health and Biomedical Innovations and funded by a grant from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. This resource can help you develop a greater understanding of the basic principles involved in evidence based wound assessment, management and prevention for common wound types.

Global Wound Academy (Smith&Nephew)

Lots of information, good interaction, easy to follow. Expand your knowledge of the theory of wound management by entering the learning zone. Here you will find numerous colourful, interactive diagrams, which bring the text to life, making learning fun!

E-learning Zone

Again, lots of information, quicker to load as it has simple text pages. The Activa E-learning modules enable you to develop your knowledge further. The topics have been chosen to ensure that you understand the theory that is needed for everyday clinical decision-making.

3M Health Care Academy

This is not a guided learning experience but more of a collection of resources. This is really good for learning use and application of various 3M products including compression (not just for legs). 3M Health Care Academy offers access to thought leaders, peers, and educational content that translates knowledge into positive health outcomes.

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